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What Would Derren Brown Do? Day 1.

What Would Derren Brown Do? Day 1.


Ia��m writing a show that Ia��m going to do in the Glasgow Comedy festival in March and the Edinburgh festival in August called what would Derren Brown do? I decided on this show because I like what Derren Brown does and he has a lot of useful skills that would be useful to help me achieve the goals in my life. The premise behind the show is to change my life by asking myself a�? What would Derren Brown Do? Ia��ve been playing about with the idea for a few months now and I have some ideas, but I dona��t have anything solid yet.


For research I have been reading Derren

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Browna��s book Trick Of The Mind and watching a lot of Derren Brown old videos on Youtube.


I watched a video yesterday called Hero at 30,000 ft where Derren takes a guy who has no confidence and within 30 days gives him a lot more confidence, helps him overcome fears and by the end of the show the guy was scared of flying lands

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a plane where the pilot has went unconscious. It is of course a simulation, but Derren uses his hypnotic skills to make him believe he is landing a real plane. Great show and the transformation of the guy during the show is amazing.


During the show there is a 30 day countdown which takes the guy from an unconfident guy to becoming a hero in that time. THis gave me the idea of seeing if I can do the same. Can I make a dramatic change in my life in 30 days. So how am I going to do that then. Well about half an

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hour ago I had the idea that I could get a coach to help me get where I want to be. However Ia��m a bit skint and cana��t afford one. Ia��d love to have Derren Brown as a coach to help me reach my goals but I dona��t think thata��s going to happen. Ia��m a big believer is the imagination being a powerful tool that we dona��t use enough in life so Ia��ve had the idea of imagining what It would be like if Derren Brown was my coach in life. How would the conversation go and what would the outcome be. So as part of writing the show for the festival I am going to have imaginary coaching sessions with Derren Brown. Are you fucking mad I hear you say. Well maybe, but ita��s my idea and you will just have to deal with it so there.


So Ia��m going to attempts to attempt to have order cialis< imaginary coaching sessions with Derren Brown over the next 30 days. THe first one will begin bellow. p.s. Ia��m just going with the flow here to see what happens. Here is Derren coming in now.


Me: Hello Derren. Thanks for coming along and helping me out.


Derren. No problem Obie. Do you mind if I call you Obie?


Me: Thats fine no problem.


Derren. Ok Cool. What where would you like to start with these sessions.

Me: Well first of all. Do you think 30 days of talking to an imaginary Derren Brown will help me in anyway in my life

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and help me in writing this new show.


Derren: Well yes of course it can. I know Ia��m not the real Derren Brown, but I am part of your subconscious mind that has all the answers. All good hypnotist, psychologists and NLP practitioners know that we all have the resources inside us to become the best version of ourselves and achieve a lot more than we think we can.


Me. Magic. Thanks Derren. That makes sense.


Derren: No problem

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Obie. Where do you want to start with this.


Me. Ia��m not 100 percent Derren. What would you suggest.


Derren: Well you could start by what goals you have and where you are at the moment.


Me: Ok. Well at the moment I have a shitty day job, Ia��m single as fuck, Ia��ve lost my mojo, Ia��m sklint and am frustrated with my stand up because I dona��t think I am doing as well as I think I should. I

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have a good following in Edinburgh and headline a lot of gigs, but Ia��m still not making enough from it. It pisses me off.


Derren: OK thata��s where you are just now. Where do you want to be in a 30 days from now.


Me: Why 30 days.


Derren. Well you said you wanted to make big changes in 30 days.


Me: Oh aye so I did. How did you know that.


Derren: Well because Ia��m not the real Derren Brown. Ia��m just a part of you.


Me: Of course. I forgot. You were becoming a bit real there.


Derren. Dona��t let me become too real. Thata��s when you will end up in the loony bin.


Me: Fair point Derren. Ok So where do I want to be in 30 days from now. Shit. You are putting me under pressure now.


Derren: Thata��s good. Giving yourself a time constraint is good. Stops you fucking about as much.


Me: Ok. One of the main things I want to do this year is to do more solo shows with my stand up. Definitely more profitable than doing shows for other people.

Derren: Ok. Whata��s stopping you from doing that.


Me: Probably lack of organisation. I spend too much time of Facebook each day and watching stuff on youtube and Netflix to get going.


Derren. Well at least you have made a start my getting your creative juices going by writing this imaginary coaching session.


Me: Thata��s true. Do you think I will get some funny stuff from it.


Derren. Well hopefully. Just keep going. Dona��t try and be funny just let the funny appear from the ether,


Me: Fair enough.


Derren. So what are you going to do in the next month to get your solo shows up and running.


Me: Well I need to get myself a better routine.


Derren: Good. I would suggest doing some things that keep you in a positive frame of mind. Keep you motivated happy and productive.


Me: What would you suggest.


Derren: Well you have all those Self development books that you have read. Pick some of the best exercises from them and do them on a daily basis. Every morning if possible. You have signed up to running the Edinburgh marathon as

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so get out there running a few does cialis work for everyone< times a week and also get yourself to the gym. These things will all make you feel great, positive and productive. Also give yourself some stuff you have to do for the next 30 days that you must do. Make it happen. It seems difficult just now but It can be done. Give me a list of things you can do over the next 30 days to make your life better.


Me: Ok thanks for that Derren. For the next thirty days I plan to do the following.

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  1. Get a list of solo shows lined up until for the next few months. Have at least twenty solo shows lined up.

  2. Get a list of promoters around the UK and get a load of gigs lined up. Work this around solo shows.

  3. Speak to Creative Scotland for help on marketing my solo shows and maybe getting funding.

  4. Write every day for at least

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    an hour.

  5. Run at least three miles a day.

  6. Do the convict conditioning workout every day.

  7. Have two shows for the Edinburgh festival lined up.

  8. Do a month of juicing from the start of January.

Derren: Thata��s Sounds good Obie. For your homework for tomorrow have a more structured list of all the things you need to do every day including the list of mind exercises to do in the morning or during the day.


Me: Ok Cool. Ia��ll get a list for tomorrow. Thanks for your help.


Derren: No problem.

Well that was an interesting interview. I have some work to do now. I dona��t think I have found much funny stuff for the show yet, but Ia��ll just keep writing pish until stuff turns up.


p.s. This is unedited. Fuck redrafting stuff. What you see is what you get and all that.


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