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This blog is about thinking patterns. Everybody has them. Some are good and some are bad. Have a think about what your thinking patterns and see if they are serving you well or not. if not then get them to fuck. The reason I am writing this is because sometimes I find it hard to deal with people with negative thinking patterns. I think I have quite a good way of thinking, although its not perfect and needs some further improvement I think it has served me well over the years. My thinking pattern has got me into stand yp comedy, helped me start my memory training business and made me run two marathon e.t.c.


My thinking pattern as far as I know works like this.

1. Think of something I want to achieve.

2. Decide that I’m going to do it.

3. Find a way to do it and fucking do it.

4. Overcome any obstacles as they come up and learn from them.


The reason people with negative thinking patters drive me fucking mental is because they have this thinking pattern if I tell them of a goal I have.


!.Listen to goal that the person wants to achieve.

2. Think of all the negative things that could stop the goal.

3. THink about all the things that could go wrong.

4.Decide its not a good idea and advice you to be safe and not bother trying.


FUCK off. That patter of thinking drives me mad. I used to try and justify myself to these people about why there way of thinking isn’t a good way of thinking but they really can’t help themselves. However I find that most of the time  the conversation is pointless. They can’t see past their way of thinking. Stay safe and don’t take any risks in life. I find now that its pointless telling these people any plans you have so I now avoid leading the conversation that way. Instead I now talk to the people who are doing ambitious things with their life instead about my plans.


So for the people who are interested here are my upcoming goals. Give me support if you have the same way of thinking as me :) If all you see is obstacles and ways that it can go wrong keep it to yourself :)



1. Goals. Be fully working for myself with mostly comedy, solo shows , circuit gigs, dvds etc. Alsoo make some good money from multiple sources of income I have including my memory training( Including New improved online course coming out soon), Affiliate marketing. I am using an online software just now that will help to promote my memory training course once I have it out. This program is great. It costs a few quid monthly but its well worth it if you are selling anything online or offline. I have also signed up for an affilate program for this service which means that if people sign up for it through me I get a recurring monthly commission. About £30.00 per customer per month to be made if they sign up. Click here to get a free book on this stuff.  I have also joined an online group called profit maximiser that shows people how to scalp money from the bookies using bonuses e.t.c. . Costs about £100 a year to join. I’ve easily made a couple of grand from it :) Sounds dodgy as fuck but it works. With a good starting bank I could easily make enough money that covers what I earn in the shitty day job I have at the moment. You can try it out for 14 days for £1.00 Here is the link. I’m also planning another onine course called ” Feel the fear, say ” Fuck it” and do it anyway. :) This is going to be based on my new show I’m writing called the fuck it list. THe idea is to show people how to live their life the way they want. As I work out how to do that myself I’ll do the course as I go :)

So that’s the goals thing. I have tools some people I am giving in my day job. They seem to think I’m just fucking off with no plan, but as you can see I have planned this shit.

2. Decide that I’m going to do it. I’ve decided so there.


3. Find a way to do it.  I know exactly what I want to do now. I have a rough idea of how to do it. Just need to now take the action and get on with it.

4. Overcome obstacles as they come up. Clearly there will be challenges as I go through this. That’s all part of it. No businesses go smoothly.


So that was a blog about thinking patterns. I reckon I had to get that off my chest because of a thinking pattern I have had which isn’t good. It was probably as follows.


1. Have some goals.

2. Decide I’m going to do it.

3. Tell people about the goals.

4. Here reasons why its too risky and what might go wrong.

5. Get angry about the lack of support.

6. Be less productive because of thinking about people not supporting my goals.

7. Watch Netflix. :)


Fuck this is turning it to a psychological analysis, The above thinking patter is definitely not productive. So I am now simplifying it to the first one .


1. Have a goal.

2. Decide I’m doing it.

3. Overcome obstacles on the way.

4. Fucking do it.


So that’s the end of the blog. Fuck knows if it makes any sense to you. I just thought I would get it out there. I’m off out to run 16 miles because I’ve decided :)

Enjoy your day and go and do shit.






p.s. I just got another thinking pattern there.


1. I’m quite happy with the blog I just wrote.

2. What if people judge me on what I’ve wrote and think I’m mad or over ambitious.

3. Fuck them. Send it out anyway. Fuck the system.






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