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The Fuck it list: Victorias Nightclub Friday 19th May.


I have a show coming up on May the 19th. I’m working on a show called THe Fuck it list. I am also doing this show at the Edinburgh festival and planning to tour it as well. I want this to be more than just a show. I want this to be a project that helps me and other people out of living a boring life. I want to help myself and other people live a more fulfilling life. Fuck it. I want this show to be part of a movement where people say fuck it and do things they have never done before. I’d love to being able to do the show and hear about people who have watched the show and went away and done something different with their life like leaving there job, asking that person out and traveling the world. Fuck it. I want to hear of people trying something they have always secretly wanted to do, but have been scared to do because of their internal voice or the idea of what other people think of them.

This is more than a stand up comedy show for me. In my head I want to make it a movement that allows people to say fuck it and do more exciting things. There are opportunities out there for everybody. I believe we are only two words away from getting to them “Fuck it”.

A lot of people have the feeling of not being good enough. Including me. It really is bollocks. We are all good enough. Its now time to say fuck it and just do it. You are only here once unless. You only get one life to do what you want. Fuck getting to the end o your life and realising you never said fuck it and done the things you wanted to do. I’m doing this show because I’m shit scared of not doing things. I also have the fear of doing things I want to as well, but the fear of not doing what I want and taking action is fucking scary.

Say fuck it now and go and do that thing. Come and see my show. Book tickets now. Click on this blue link now. Fuck it. Do it now. You are onlu one fuck it away from changing everything. 



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