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Hello I think I know you from somewhere. I know your face but I just can’t remember your name. Does this sound familiar? Do you have a bad memory? How would having a better memory improve your life? I teach people simple techniques that have a huge impact on how they remember anything.


Over the past few years I have helped hundreds of people to improve their memory. I have been running memory training workshops for groups of clients the past two years. Last year in Edinburgh I performed a stand up solo show which helped people learn some of these techniques. During each of these shows I would bet a member of the audience that I could teach everyone in the room to memorise a list of twenty items forwards and backwards. The bet was a pint of lager. During my 22 shows at the festival I never lost a bet. p.s. Alcohol is not recommended for improving your memory :)


I can help people do amazing things with their memory. They learn how to remember names and faces, long lists of data, and remembering speeches without notes, learn any subject in half the time. The list of what you can remember with these techniques is endless.


Before I tell you more have a read at the following story. Visualize all the images in the story. Don’t forget. Really imagine all this stuff happening.


Imagine you wake up in the morning with the sun shining through the window. As you wake up you see a giant thermometer on your ceiling. The sun is so hot that the thermometer bursts and hot MERCURYfalls onto your body. This MERCURY burns so you immediately get up and run to the bathroom to wash it off. As you get in there you see a beautiful goddess waiting there for you to help you out. This goddess is VENUS. Imagine Venus as a beautiful girl of your choice. I’ve got Kelly Brooke. She helps you clean up. Once you get cleaned up you decide to have a bath. However just as you go to turn up the bath you realize the bath is full of soil ( EARTH). You start shoveling the EARTH out of the bath with your hands and suddenly a Martian ( MARS) appears from underneath. He has been hiding in there. The Martian is startled. He chases you outside. You run fearing for your life but luckily one of your friends turns up to rescue you. Your friend happens to be a 100 ft giant. His name is JUPITER. Jupiter tells the Martian to calm down. As you look up to thank your friend JUPITER you see that he has a T shirt on. The T shirt is sponsored by a national newspaper. The SUN. The SUN stand for the first letter of the next three planets SATURN, URANUS, and NEPTUNE.

As you look up further you see a dog sitting on the shoulder of the giant laughing its head off at this whole thing. The dog is called PLUTO.


The above story is a visualisation I use to remember the order of the planets from the sun. Go through it in your head after reading it and see how many you can remember. How did you get on? Probably a lot better than you would have got on by parrot fashion. Go on. Do this before you read on.


It probably took you about two minutes to memorize the order of the planets using the above story. My workshop lasts four hours. Imagine the amount of information you could learn in that time.



It really is amazing what you are capable of after learning these techniques. There are some great benefits gained from learning and  practicing these skills. Some of them are as follows.


  • Impress clients by remembering their names and birthdays.
  • Learn training manuals in half the time
  • Remember sales speeches and presentations without notes.
  • Remember product knowledge.
  • Remember important dates.
  • Learn new skills quicker and easier..
  • Become more organised..
  • By practising these techniques your develop your imagination which leads to being more creative
  • Help you kids get better results in exams.
I run these workshops regularly. For my upcoming workshops check my gig guide.
Alternatively I you can book me to do a workshop at your premises or workplace. I’m happy to cater the workshop to the needs of your business.
Contact me on 07902841748
or email johno.obie@virgin.net

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