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I have been thinking about goals and what I really want in life. When I was younger I started getting into self help books. The first one I read was Think and Go Rich by Napolian Hill. At the timne I loved it and got me all excited about life. At the time I wrote down a load of goals the I thought I wanted at the time. The goals involved being a succesfull engineer and making a million quid before I was 30. I think I wanted to do comedy back then as well, but I think I was too scared to admit it to myself for some reason. It wasn’t normal. I was maybe scared of people laughing at me for having such a daft ambition.

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well and went on and got a degree in Engineering. Woohoo. I remember at the time before an exam someone in my class was putting themselves under loads of pressure. They had to do well because the results determined how the rest of their career went. Scary shit. There have been stories of people doing badly in exams and killing themselves. Shit.

Anyway. Where was I going with this. There is diet pills pharmacy online a point somewhere. I was in my local pub on New Years Eve. Yes I know. Living the dream and that. I met an old friend of mine. THis guy is twenty odd years older than me. He was a lecturer when I did a year in Coatbridge college before I went to University. mexico pharmacy At the time I was pretty good at maths e.t.c. My lecturer friend at the time was very encouraging. Always thought I was very clever and I would do well for myself in a proffessional career like engineering. I had a few beers with him in the pub on new years eve. At one point he said to me in a dissapointed tone of voice ” You could have been a

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contender”. He then went on to tell me that I could have had a great proffessional career as a lecturer or something along those lines. I then told him that I was doing exactly what I want in my do you stay hard after coming on viagra life and that my career was going to plan. After a discussion about it. (Well a shouty discussion because the dj in the puib was too fucking load. pharmacy assistant jobs canada Shut it ya dick.) He gave me a drunken hug and said he was proud of me whatever I do. I could tell though that there was a bit of dissapointment in his voice. Obie could have

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been a great lecturer. Why is he following this comedy nonsence. His goal for me was clearly different that what I really wanted.

Anyway that made me think about how people see success and goals. I could have went on and followed the proffessional career. I could have been an Engineer or a good lecturer, but too be honest that bored me to death. The lecturer friend at one point said ” You have never realised the potential you have. ou were always acting the clown when you could have been something” . The thing is I di realise what I had but acting

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the clown was more fun. Engineers are boring :)

Anyway back to goals. The first set of goals I wrote down years ago were shite. I think at the time I was influenced by careers advisors and what teachers thought my career should be. I always had the secret ambition of doing stand up. My stand up goals have varied from doing a solo show at the Secc to traveling the world and making a million quid and becomeing famous. But after a bit of thought over the years. I think I have finally come to the conclusion to what the real goal is. The real goal now is Freedom.

What? Freedom. What you on about Obie. I think freedom is what we all really want deep down. We maybe think we live in a free word, but millions of people around the world spend forty or fifty years of their lives doing jobs they don’t particularly like for a company that decides when they work and when they can go on holiday for a few weeks a year. If you work hard all these years

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you might be given a pension when you are sixty five when you might get a bit of freedom at the end of it.

That doesn’t sound like freedom to me. Maybe if people are happy doing that then its fine, but for me its scary as fuck.

My goal now is more freedom in my life. I have a bit more now. I left a full time day job a few years ago to persue my comedy career. I now have a zero hours contract job that is flexible enough that I can do more a run of gigs somewhere without having to go to work as well. I’m still not totally free yet, but closer than I was. How do I do that. THe cialis user reviews thing thats keeping me from freedom is money. I have to make money to pay bills so that I can eat and have somewhere to stay. This is a pain in the arse.

After a bit of research over the years I have learned that you can either trade your time for money can make give people a service for money. So in order to make more money a good way of doing it it to serve as many people as possible with the least amount of time spent. This is where passive incomes come in. I’ve recently produced my first online course on memroy training. I’m quite proud of it. I’m now earning a bit of extra money every month from it without having to do anything much. So over the next year or so I’m going to be working on more passive income steams like this. I’m going to be doing more courses and have some other ideas as well. Might even

write a book about Freedom. Maybe.

Anyway. I don’t think there was much structure to that blog. Just getting my ideas out. So what are my goals in life? What is my purpose? I’d still like to be a millionaire and do big tours around the world doing comedy and maybe be a bit famous, but the real goal is Freedom. I want o be free to do what I want when I want. To do a wee tour of gigs for a month in a camper van around the Highland and then go traveling for a month. I want to be free to fuck off to Newyork for a weekend at the drop of a hat without having to save up and ask my employer if I can have time off months in advance. funny jokes on viagra I want to be able to go to the airport and pick a random destination on the day and just fuck off for a week or so.

I want to be free to do what I love for a living a do whatever I want when I want. Is this too much to ask. Is it fuck. I’m closer than I was a few years ago. Fuck the system Freedom is the new goal.


Here is the Soup dragons singing about freedom :)




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